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Brooklyn NY



Darling Dearest

Brooklyn 5-piece Xylos have been gathering fans and praise for their lush, electronic pop and Monika Heidemann's intoxicating, otherworldly vocals. Singer/multi-instrumentalist Monika, guitarist Eric Zeiler, keyboardist/vocalist Nikki Lancy, bassist/vocalist Jordan Brooks and drummer Chris Berry write sophisticated-yet-playful songs, weaving together complex harmonies, electronic beats, and soaring vocal melodies that draw on influences including Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, Eurythmics and Steve Reich. Xylos' self-titled debut album, recorded by Yeasayer and Chairlift producer Britt Myers in his NYC studio, will be out April 5, 2011 on the band's own 1000x Records as well as digitally through iTunes and Amazon. A recent inclusion atop New York Post's list of '10 Artists to Know in 2011' as well as airplay on tastemaker stations KEXP, KCRW, MPR's The Current and Sirius/XM OutQ have already introduced Xylos' arresting sound to listeners. Xylos' sexually charged summer anthem, 'Not Enough,' was described by the City Paper as 'effervescent bubble-gum that'll stick your shoes to the pavement, complete with bombastic interludes that will bump you into next week and back and enough lyrics about the kind of one-night stands that the summer is known for make a boy's hands clammy.' Live, the band's chemistry and diverse musical tastes merge for a compelling live show, with Monika's clear-eyed stage persona, bold fashion sense and electrifying vocal style revealing her to be a formidable, fascinating frontwoman (quite a departure from her childhood musical beginnings, where she sang Lithuanian folk songs and performed traditional dance). In the past year, Xylos have released a string of DIY videos and have joined such artists as Danish electro-pop band Efterklang, Oberhofer, Tapes 'n Tapes and others on the road. They've also landed syncs on World of Jenks and My Life as Liz. 'Darling Dearest,' one of several stand-out tracks, starts with spare instrumentation and an ethereal vocal line by Monika that builds into a full-on techno track with a sequenced percussive riff (accented with real drums), washes of synth strings and gauzy harmonies. It's a song of longing as well as a promise of love, as Monika reminds her 'Dearest' that 'We're just here to experience one another.' It's a song about acceptance and giving people freedom, even if it leads to losing them. 'Second Order' is an up-tempo track that opens with strumming acoustic guitars that surprises the listener with a soaring vocal over a descending chord progression that's both effective and instantly memorable. It's a hide-from-the-world song, an 'I want to stay in bed all day alone' sort of song, a song to listen to alone in your room that transforms itself into an anthem when performed live. 'Dust,' written by Nikki, is a sweeping, cinematic piece that references celluloid images from silent Westerns - sepia-toned films whose contexts has been lost - with a heroine who wait for rescue in vain. 'X-Ray' is a classic synth-pop track given a modern makeover, with fizzy sequencers, a retro New Romantic vibe and vocals that recall all the classic synth-pop divas of the past in an effortless homage. On their stunning debut, Xylos has gone through their vast live repertoire to ensure that every track is a fit and sustains the dreamlike mood they've successfully created. It's bright and hard like colored cut glass, shimmery like a disco ball, sweet and light like spun sugar, brand new but sounding like music you swear you've heard before. While the songs are wickedly catchy and upbeat, Xylos' lyrics are cautious, dark and not a little mysterious, exploring sexual politics and desire from the female point of view. It's a seductive, amazing introduction to a new band that clearly intends to be around for a while.


Friday March 18



Easy Tiger


709 E 6th St


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