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Still Corners



Listening to Still Corners' music, you could be forgiven for imagining them as quiet, serious types. Their songs are eerie and tremulous, like echoing caverns of sound, and yet also delicately precious, a combination that demands conscientious craftsmanship. Live, their music "rocks more", as one of the band puts it, and, coupled with the video projections, consistently casts spells on audiences. On stage, though, the band remain fairly static - focused, it seems, on the task at hand. Far from the outlook of introspective dullards, though, The Quietus find the three members of the five-piece we speak to - vocalist Tessa Murray, guitarist Leon Dufficy and principal songwriter Greg Hughes - to be warmly open, brimming with humour and playfulness. There's a remarkable, almost telepathic bond between them – a bond that they're willing to let you in on, like an old friend. In the last few months, Still Corners have put out two singles, 'Endless Summer' and 'Don't Fall In Love', as well as recently releasing a cover of 'Eyes' by Rogue Wave, all of which has begun to earn them some much-deserved attention. The band are due to make their US debut in March, including a headline show at Glasslands in Brooklyn, the SXSW festival, and a US tour with band The Papercuts. Taken from the Quietus - 2010


Friday March 18



Club de Ville


900 Red River St.


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