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Mexican Institute of Sound



The MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND third disc is revealed: "SOY SAUCE." It's funny, but never really thought I would have three albums. Thus passed many shows, many trips, many movies, many friends. We play from Rotterdam to Albuquerque without stopping. Of all the places in the world have written to connect to me.."Piñata", the second album was a bit more planned. I did team with my dear friend Holger Beier from Le Hammond Inferno and had a memorable recording sessions. For this record was a guest Chris Frantz of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club, Adrian Dargelos of Babasónicos, Tanaka of Fantastic Plastic Machine, Joselo and Quique Rangel from Café Tacuba. The Liquits ... well ... tons of nice people. With this album has been complete madness. We toured around and has been the most fun to me happened in my life. Now we are with "Soy Sauce." According to me is my best album. I recorded it in 3 stages in Mexico City with Holger Beier, is already a tradition. This time besides the Liquits studio also visited the studio of Molotov, was fun to be there. I have less guest this time. Ad Rock of Beastie Boys rapping on a version of Alocatel. Joselo Rangel also recorded some great guitars and my dear drummer Paco also got his own. Julian Placencia with which play live was the super engineer with Paolo Morabito. The album is more eclectic: it has Mariachi, Hip Hop, Soul, French Chanson, Punk, Ska and Cumbia. I hope you enjoy it like me. Camilo Lara


Friday March 18



Dot Com Day Stage Austin Convention Center

All Ages

500 E Cesar Chavez St (Exhibit Hall D)


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