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Talking To Turtles


Hamburg Sankt Pauli GERMANY



Beam Me Up Scotty

Talking To Turtles is a mixed duo living in Leipzig and a fantastic piece, especially live as from solo to five piece - sometimes described as Moldy Peaches from Germany, even they don't sound German. They sound warm, melancholic, weird and of course unique in a way you have to discover! After self releasing a first EP in 2008 they wrote songs for their debut album „Monologue“ (DevilDuck Records) and recorded these in a friend’s living room 2009 in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Ten days of isolation in a 20 square meters micro cosmos between nicotine and pasta, enthusiasm and defeat, between „perfect“ and „shit“ – isn’t that the place where good music comes out of? Talking To Turtles is Florian Sivers and Claudia Göhler, but that’s not it. „Monologue“ shows how important friendship nowadays is in creating music. Photos, cover, recording and the live scenario has become true under the title „AYF = Ask Your Friends“ instead of the good old DIY. Nevertheless this music is not less than gorgeous and nothing you can listen to without not being emotionally impressed. In 2010 they’ve already toured with Angus & Julia Stone and First Aid Kit plus several solo shows and festivals like Immergut & Reeperbahnfestival. Quotes „Sometimes whimsical, sometimes dramatic, „Monologue“ is the sound of a band on an adventure. Talking to Turtles are an authentic, unpredictable band that defy categorization." (Joey Goebel, Autor) „Exquisite, charming, unpolished songs. The emotional qulaity of his voice reminds me to the LowFiness of the Moldy Peaches – it’s great!“ (MusikExpress) „I can say totally unknown going crazy, sighing and clapping. Don’t miss it! A high on melancholy, oops I mean melody.“ (Josef Lewe, Jenseits von Millionen Festival)

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Friday March 18



The Tap Room at Six


311 Colorado St


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