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Ladies Gun Club


Los Angeles CA



Lost Celia

When Sarah Met Sally It makes sense that two of the South's finest grassroots singers -- SALLY JAYE and SARAH ROBERTS -- had to hoof it all the way to Hollywood to find each other. In a sea of indie rock bands, their unabashedly Appalachian roots shimmer like moonlit 'shine bubblin' over a pot still. If firewater had a voice, it might easily sound like LADIES GUN CLUB. Formidable soloists in their own right, there's an exponential factor that kicks in when these richly nuanced, lilting voices pair up. Backed by an amazing array of Los Angeles musicians, LGC recorded their self-titled debut EP in Laurel Canyon. Banjos, fiddles, slide guitars, mandolins, horns, glass percussion, accordions and the like take shifts weaving elegant, sometimes dark, textures around the Ladies' standout duets and solos. The result is an eclectic mix of 6 original songs, each casting its own brand of eerie. "Two outstanding vocalists with a deep understanding and appreciation for music that's as equally dark and haunting as it is hook setting." Peter Grumbine, NO DEPRESSION


Friday March 18



The Ale House


310 E 6th St (Alley Entrance)


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