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Grillade + Special Guest


San Francisco CA

In an era where artistsʼ careers begin and end in the blink of an eye, Grillade (pronounced “gree-YAHD”) is building for the future. The six-piece Soul-Rock band from San Francisco was not built on blogs but on stages. They havenʼt churned out a series of a dozen mixtapes with disposable, forgettable songs to try and make a splash on the world wide web. Theyʼve, instead, been in the studio, crafting their art and sound as a band - and the results are stellar. Borrowing their name from the traditional Creole dish made of meat braised in a rich sauce with vegetables, Grillade too is hearty and filling. Fronted by vocalist Ragen Fykes, the band is as many parts Betty Davis and Nancy Sinatra as it is Cream and Jefferson Airplane. Where Fykesʼ lyrics recall so many classic Rock and R&B refrains, the work of lead guitarist Nate Mercereau will call to mind the likes of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Prince - not only for his virtuoso talent but also for the catchy, lasting melodies that he plays. As the band continues to prepare their debut full-length release, they offer, as an introduction, “Dream Of You” and “The Meeting” which, while sweet and sophisticated, are only a small peek at what lies ahead. Producer, keyboardist and percussionist, Keelay offers up: “Weʼre musicians - artists. Grillade is a band that was born in an era where bedroom producers, singers and rappers are a dime a dozen. But we are playing the gigs, we are spending the time in the studio, we are crafting a brand new sound”. And that they are. Formed long before Grillade, Derek Taylor (drums), Ben Schwier (keys) and Josh Lippi (bass) are The Park, alongside axeman Nate Mercereau. The band has spent the better part of 5 years establishing themselves as San Franciscoʼs premier rhythm section, continuing to back acts such as: international touring phenom Alice Russell, soul legend Darondo and more. The bandʼs exceptional ability to seamlessly cross genres and master any style landed them in the target of Fykes and Keelay, and in collaborating, the sum has become well more than the parts involved. Performing their first string of shows in the winter of 2010, the band has already captured the attention of Beyond Race Magazine, URB, XLR8R and AOL and with an album in the works, plans on capturing the attention of the general population as well. Look for Grillade to perform at a venue near you this year and check their forthcoming debut LP, coming soon.


Friday March 18





400B W 2nd St


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