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Los Angeles CA



Say The Words

The LA-based band, SATELLITE, released their soulfully original debut EP "Ring the Bells" in August 2010 and has become a rising star among the bloggers and indie crowds. Gaining momentum in Southern California, the band has quickly built a fan base through the tv/film placements it's received, as well as it's infamous live show.  SATELLITE features lead singer and bassist Steven McMorran. On electric guitars are Mitch Allan and Josh Dunahoo, while Justin Glasco holds down drums and keys. Together the four musicians write, arrange and produce the music that makes up SATELLITE's distinct sound that has been called a mash-up between "Kings of Leon + Snow Patrol" and, "Springsteen meets the UK". Whatever the comparison, their debut EP, "Ring The Bells", proves the point that compelling music can make it's own way through the clutter.   Steven has been a leader in the pop songwriting world for a few years, and teaming up with fellow producer/songwriter Mitch Allan was the first step in making a "needed break from the machine". SATELLITE took shape when McMorran was asked to perform an acoustic song at a local singer-songwriter night in Los Angeles.  Mitch recounts, "I truly understood what Steven brought to the music community when I sat and watched him unleash this emotional roar of a voice. He took a small back room full of idle chatter to the point of awe-struck silence as he belted 'Saving Us Tonight.'" Songwriter/guitarist Josh Dunahoo and fellow producer Justin Glasco were added to the band once Steven and Mitch saw that their input began to undeniably shape the sound beyond what we had hoped for. Steven's unique and surprisingly powerful voice is complemented by his genuine lyrical talent. Combined with the expert musicianship of Mitch, Josh, and Justin, SATELLITE is becoming something both contemporary & timeless; a uniquely powerful band rising up in the world of music. Following SXSW, the band will return to LA and continue with it's string of shows throughout southern California including San Diego, OC, West LA, and Santa Barbara. "Ring the Bells" EP is available on iTunes and   The music video for "Say The Words", directed by Walter May, as well as early performance can be seen on the Satellite YouTube channel.    General info, streaming EP "Ring The Bells" and digital booklet, up-coming shows, music video for first single, "Say The Words", as well as free downloadable first single. Full EP up-loaded to embed, as well as free downloadable first single. 


Friday March 18



The Ale House


310 E 6th St (Alley Entrance)


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