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ANAYA acknowledges traditional Korean musical forms centering on vocal groups and expands on them to form a new genre that complements traditional music. The winner of awards in 2007 and 2008 at the 21st Century Korean Music Project for Developing New Gugak (Korean traditional music) Compositions, ANAYA has extended the scope of its performances to include broadcasts and concerts. In April, ANAYA held performances in New York and New Jersey, sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. The group also participated in Taiwan Heungchun Folksong & Music Festival and Ulsan World Music Festival in 2010. Especially, ANAYA won the 1st prize KB Sori Award at Jeonju International Sori Festival, so that the group has won the big attention of the world music experts and audiences. After ANAYA composed the soundtrack music for the film , which was very successful, the group has extended the creative work to the soundtrack of films and animation movies. Recently, ANAYA presented performance which was supported by Arts Council Korea with Asian musicians. >> Paying attention to music which has been handed down over thousands of years! ANAYA has pioneered a new genre of music based on traditional Korean folk songs, Pansori (a traditional Korean narrative song), and sounds originating out of Shamanist rites. While ANAYA aim at preserving the traditional arts, they also step forward into the modern world with their new genre of music. >> ANAYA challenges the current world music scene with an innovative genre of music! Ancient Korean folk poems and verse melt effortlessly and are blended into a new genre of music, wrapped in a new form of modern music and new ideas. ANAYA stays abreast of the times through their musical expression that seamlessly connect and mix past and present music forms. In other words they provide listeners with a new fusion of New & Old Music. >> ANAYA's work gives us an appetite to sample Korea's musical taste! Traditional folk songs and Pansori mingle together. Jung Ji-Sang's ancient poems and Hwang Jin-Ee's verse are reinterpreted and reborn as modern music. >> Powerful mirth and energy combine with a captivating harmony in this band! Daegeum; a large transverse bamboo flute, Janggu; a double-headed drum pinched in at the middle, Teapyungso; a high pitched bugle, plus a keyed instrument and drums are all mixed together. In addition, the sad folksong sound of Pansori combined with modern rap and the beatbox form a unique new sound. This music will fill audiences with potent energy and vitality. *Review >> A New Possibility of Korean Crossover Music! New possibilities of music are generated by the talented expertise of these performers with their pop musical sensibility and freedom to transcend the limits of conventional music and allow a new generation of audiences to appreciate them. >> ANAYA's music provides novelty with news of the past at the same time. We can sense the development of a new stream of classical music using traditional vocalism, which is so impressive and fantastical. In addition, ANAYA's music seeks to modernize the genre of old folk songs. (quotation by the music critic, Kim Hyung-Chan)


Friday March 18





217 Congress Ave


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