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San Jose CA

In 2009 NastyNasty was more or less an anomoly in the world of electronic music. Fusing Rap, Soul and Avant-Garde electronics with left of center club ideals yielded a unique sonic palette that almost instantly resonates with listeners. In 2010 NastyNasty saw top rated mp3's in Xlr8r, Fact and The Fader as well as a seemingly endless tour of North America slaying crowds with everybody from European legends such as Joker, Mount Kimbie and Slugabed to homegrown heroes like Starkey, Machine Drum and even Ludacris. Setting him apart from the average dj, his live sets consist of entirely original compositions, utilizing his songs as jigsaw pieces to construct some sort of genre-bending sonic adventure. Noted for his energetic stage presence, NastyNasty can frequently be found simultaneously serving both the dancefloor and more sentimental endeavors while keeping the aesthetic that is his namesake. In 2011 NastyNasty is already slated for vinyl releases on U.K. based label Planet Mu, Berlins Robox Neo-Tech as well as consistently championing San Franciscos Frite Nite imprint with friend and label head Salva. Don't let his west coast locality fool you, NastyNasty has a sound that is distinctly his own.....the sonic equivalent to a heartbreak in space.


Friday March 18





209 E 6th St


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