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Viper Creek Club


Seattle WA




Viper Creek Club (VCC) is the joint effort of Seattleites Mat Wisner and Brandon Jensen. The duo evolved from the Spokane-based band Ambulance for Angeles when Mat and Brandon connected after moving to Seattle. After turnover and change in that previous project, they sought a way to bring their various aspirations together into a new venture. Along the way, their changing ambitions and personal struggles became musical discovery and growth. Originally an idea in one of Mat’s demo songs for Ambulance for Angeles, VCC is now their alliance, formed by their sometimes diverging fascinations. The unlikely combination of styles and ideas that emerge from this duo makes for a refreshing brand of electro-pop music. VCC is inherently influenced by Mat and Brandon’s separate undertakings and their own ideas about sound, composition methods, and genre are continually expanding through them. Outside of VCC, Brandon records, mixes, and masters local bands and acoustic musicians. Mat produces, engineers, and mixes for local hip hop artists and is currently producing a buzzed about remix album. The Stranger’s Charles Mudede calls Viper Creek Club’s hip hop project “the first solid, artistic connection between local indie rock and indie hip hop… In Viper Creek Club’s remixes, we hear a connection that’s convincing and alive with an energy that’s genuinely new.” Their debut album Letters was released in August 2010, receiving very positive reviews as well as regular plays on KEXP in Seattle (Top 10 on the North West music chart). Mastered by Grammy award nominated engineer, Evren Goknar, and recorded by acclaimed Seattle engineer, Frank Mazzeo (in his own Push/Pull studio as well as Seattle’s famous London Bridge), the album combines smart production techniques with organic percussion and piano, making it both deliberate and natural at the same time. VCC’s beats are carefully constructed and synth-focused, never failing to get a party going. The sound is heavily influenced by euro pop music but also genres such as hip hop. Wisner provides vocals, keys, beats, and loops, while Jensen plays guitar. Songs are influenced by everything from murder mysteries to lust gone wrong, creating a consistently catchy album that will make you want to move from start to finish. Viper Creek Club has been featured in The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, online in URB Magazine, ShortAndSweetNYC, and popular Seattle blogs like Seattle Show Gal and Another Rainy Saturday. “We could very well be staring the next big thing directly in the face,” wrote Nikki Benson of Seattle Show Gal, “the vocal tones flow perfectly with the energy and emotion of the song, and the production is top notch.” Mat and Brandon put all of their passion and experience to good use with VCC, making this club one that you will want to be a part of. As Mudede put it, “there’s a new sound in town, and it’s being made by Viper Creek Club.”


Friday March 18





912 Red River


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