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Seattle WA



Bleed The Stone

Heavy, down-tuned, southern fried, whiskey soaked sabbra cadabra. Their live show pulsates with seething and sultry, sweaty energy. Bringing as much groove as brutal thunder, the music is like a hammer straight to your soul, crashing down through the sky... only you will welcome its impact the moment they tear into their first song. Spilling their guts on every stage they play; they've opened for Slipknot, Saint Vitus, Blue Cheer, Mudvayne, Fu Manchu, 3 Inches of Blood, Trouble, Zeke and Valient Thorr to name a few. Featuring the vocals of Jamie Nova, also well known for her role as lead vocalist in the all female AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles, and the monster riffs of Mischa Kianne on guitar and occasionally violin, along with the low end madness of Jacy Peckham on bass and the bone-crushing heaviness of Dana Sims on drums, Witchburn is the sound of rebellion in the voice of a hate-child conceived during a mythical orgy between Black Sabbath, Janis Joplin, Ronnie James Dio and Heart. Witchburn delivers passionate, moody southern metal, made even more powerful by the band's fierce energy and considerable musical chops. The smoky grooves are deep and heavy, tapping into a classic rock vein with gritty guitar lines, seamlessly blending vintage rock influence with that of modern metal. Among the ones who spend their lives on trial. Constantly judged and shamed for being ourselves. In a predisposed society so sure that the misfits are up to no good, we are labeled as dangerous, shunned and cast out. Seeking to prove the worthy cause in our hearts, we stand up unafraid. We will be counted even if we are the hunted. We reject their labels, renounce their judgments and refuse their mark. We will march forward without fear of any destiny that may await. Whole heart in hand, colors hoisted, through ash and scattered bones we'll go forth never to surrender, knowing strength is gained from every scar we stand and fight. Flesh may burn and blood may boil but as the blackened bodies of the misunderstood roast in flames, the true enemy lives on. As they fail time and time again to set their fears ablaze, bound and tied to the stake, we represent their ignorance. Breaking free from their shackles, we bring hope through rude awakening. A new rebellion of the wrongfully scorned. The flames of this revolution will echo a deafening sound as they spread far and wide, burning on strong. Welcome to our Witchburn.


Friday March 18



Dirty Dog Bar


505 E 6th St


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