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New Orleans LA

It’s been an active summer for New Orleans’ Generationals. Grant, Ted, and drummer Tess Brunet wrote several new songs during a housesitting session at The Spellcaster Lodge (home of Quintron & Ms. Pussycat) in New Orleans. They tracked their second LP, ACTOR-CASTOR in Washington DC with Con Law producer Daniel Black, then left for Austin in August to record a four-song EP with Bill Baird at Baby Blue. They tracked in a sweaty, distinctly sound-porous box by day and swam in Barton Springs as an evening reward. It was the first time Generationals had recorded a body of work with anyone else.
 In their second release, Trust (EP), the band is audibly transitioning from a jangling, sun-kissed sound in the vein of Aztec Camera or Felt to pop drones distinctly more hypnotic, textured, and challenging to conjure accurate comparisons for. This is certainly not to say to say that the sun no longer shines in the Big Easy. The shimmering hooks, girl-group choruses, and late-summer breeziness of Con Law remain intact in EP’s title track ("Trust"), but are joined by feedback loops, drum-machine beats, and abstractly dubbed-out, wobbling basslines throbbing organically in the mix. Con Law’s “When They Fight They Fight” may be Generationals’ early-career singsong anthem, but songs like “Say For Certain” and “Victim of Trap” are their lilting, droning annunciations of their burgeoning post-pop sound.


Friday March 18



Mi Casa Cantina


503 E 6th St


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