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The Lava Children


Norman OK



The Green Word

With The Lava Children’s* self-titled debut, the listener is immediately aware they’re hearing something completely uncommon. In fact, The Lava Children are something completely uncommon. As the music industry becomes ever more jaded and manufactured and music is treated like so much invaluable garbage to be traded and tossed about freely, it seems like hearing something that sounds totally new is becoming less and less of a regular occurrence. Here you’ll find no familiar “classic rock overtones.” There are no hackneyed “angular guitar tones”- in fact, you’re only occasionally reminded that you’re even hearing instruments. From the dreamy, weirdly programmed Colecovision-on-the-fritz nonsense of opening track, “I Am a Pony,” to the underwater opium cabaret wash of “Particles,” to the discordant, drunk music box stagger of “Troll,” every track on this mini-lp bears the same distinctive stamp of not sounding a whole lot like anything else you’ve heard. This music may have been found inside a rotting old fish, plucked from a muddy, overgrown swamp and encrusted with plankton and river rot. It could have been stuck in an ice block in the far-flung pitch-black night of the frozen tundra or growing out of a patch of moss and fungus on the side of a mighty California redwood tree. It could’ve been found buried in an Egyptian desert wasteland, firmly clutched to the now-hollow chest of some bygone dusty old corpse… and it just might be cursed. Hell- maybe it’s from space, or some kind of message from the future. But fact of the matter is it’s made by a couple of Oklahomans who are soon to be Texans...Though that doesn’t make it any less of a fascinating listen. Close your eyes, turn off all the lights, and turn this album up. See if the little hairs on the back of your neck aren’t immediately standing at full attention as you find yourself awash in weird, half-remembered memories of playing with a dog you had when you were five years old, deep in the swiftly darkening woods and far from home.


Friday March 18



Skinny's Ballroom


115 San Jacinto St


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