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Descartes a Kant


Guadalajara MEXICO

Created in 2001, this band from Guadalajara (México) has developed a unique voice. Based on the idea of the contrast between emotions in a brief period of time, their songs are a clear consequence of years of zapping and fragmented information from the media. The result is funny, disturbing and moving. With influences such as Mike Patton, The Locust, Regina Spektor, Danny Elfman, and with a wide variety of genres running through their music, (punk, noise core, lullaby, country, rock n roll, cabaret, etc.) they manage to be sinister and amusing at the same time. Since 2005 they´ve been continuously working, and they´ve recorded their first album(Paper Dolls, Intolerancia 2007) witch has had an amazing reception from the press in México, and has been considered one of the best starting points for a band in the history of rock music in this country. They´ve opened concerts for Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yo La Tengo, Explosions in the Sky, Stereo Total, beside important bands from the Mexican scene. They´ve also released their first video on the song “My Sweetest Headache Waltz” and are working nowadays on the material for their next album, to be released by early 2011. Their act is energetic and theatrical, using disguises to create bizarre scenes, as a canvas being deconstructed during the show.


Friday March 18



Habana Bar Backyard


708 E 6th St


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