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Friska Viljor


Stockholm SWEDEN



If I Die Now

“Friska Viljor’s songs are heart-on-sleeve, declamatory and impossible to dislike. Bravo indeed.” - Dan Cairns, London Times “The Swedish band Friska Viljor have done a lovesickness album causing waves of enthusiasm.” - Rolling Stone “For all their intentions to capture desperation and bitterness, Bravo! is a decidedly upbeat affair, buoyant enough to sidestep genre ruts with tingeling, spirited energy.” - Chris Roberts, Uncut Line Up: Joakim Sveningsson - Vocal, mandolin,ukulele, guitar, bass. Daniel Johansson - Vocal, organ, drums, glockenspiel, accordion, trumpet. Friska Viljor´s journey as a band started five years ago with two broken hearts and two broken men trying to find happiness again in ways that may have been questioned. Media thrived on our story and couldn´t really seem to let it go, despite repeated attempts from our side to lift other topics into the light. So, once and for all: That was then, and since then lots of things have happened. Hearts no longer broken. Alcohol no longer an obsession, nor our greatest inspiration. Women no longer an object of despise but celebration, most of the time anyway. In other words, a lot of things have changed during these first five years, and hopefully things will keep on doing so. Anyway, we´re here to tell you about our upcoming album “The Beginning of the Beginning of the End”. Early 2010 we both were a bit fed up with our dear hometown Stockholm. After some deep thinking we took the easy way out and did what´s starting to become a cliché amongst Swedish artists; we moved to Berlin. During our three month stay there we set up as our goal to complete the composing of the album before returning home, having only the actual recordings left when coming back to our studio in Stockholm. Returning home the 31st of May we didn´t bring a single song… We did have a great time there though. Then summer came. It brought sun, blue skies, boat rides, bathing and fishing. Then suddenly came darkness, cold and snow. Second cliché during this short story coming up…Inspiration appeared! From that inspiration emerged our fourth album ”The Beginning of the Beginning of the End”. An album full of grandure. You still get the drastic leaps between genres and our typical instrumentation with everything from mandolin, ukelele and glockenspiel to accordion, trumpet and kalimba. A clear change though, is the way we´ve been approaching our songs and emotions explained in the lyrics. Instead of, as earlier, applying happy music to sad lyrics and vice versa we´ve now started to emphasize the melancholic lyrics with sad music and, again, vice versa. To make it short - We´re a bit lazy so it took a while, but when we finally got started we managed to make something really nice. We´re very proud of this album, and we hope that you´ll like it. /daniel & joakim


Friday March 18





300 E 6th St


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