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Texas Terri Bomb with The Hot Things





Oh Yeah!

TEXAS TERRI BOMB! TEXAS TERRI BOMB! IS the REAL DEAL! No BS about it! Texas Terri hails from Austin, TX. She relocated to Los Angeles, CA. in 1984. Texas Terri moved to Berlin, Germany March 1, 2007 from where she continues to tour Europe, write her new record, and is working on writing a book. Texas Terri keeps pushing forward regardless of any obstacle, unlike so many other bands in today's world. This lady has an unstoppable, pure spirit that is necessary to keep her dream alive, her dream being to keep doing music, release records, and go out on the road as much as possible to play for and see her fans. Her fans mean everything to her. At the end of every show she announces to them from the stage, "Without you, i am nothing". She has a special connection with her fans like nothing ever seen before. It's true love. Texas Terri's street credibility puts her miles above others. She has earned her title as "underground legend" in the punk rock & roll world and it shows in her songs and her stage presence. Her voice and persona has a tough girl attitude and sex kitten charisma (and evey emotion in between) she will steal your heart away and you will not want her to give it back! Always fresh and full of spontaneity with that early NYC/CBGB's edge. She has been compared to the likes of Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Wendy O. Williams, Joan Jett, etc, not bad, eh? Yet she still has the magnitude of holding her own individuality. So, in this world of pre-fab music, why settle, aren't you hungry for more? Let the Rock & Roll run through your veins! Get some, and get it now! Texas Terri has released two full length cd's/vinyl, toured the U. S. and Europe (both with People Like You Records) and has songs/roles in several movies. She has sang on many other artists projects including a duet with Duane Peters on a Huns rlease, Chris D and the Flesheaters, the Bulemics, to mention but a few. Texas Terri Bomb! 's last full length record, was produced by world renowned Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith, etc.). Some special guests joined in for the recordings including Wayne Kramer (MC5), Marc Diamond (Dwarves/Motochrist), Dave Teague (Dickies), Don "Demonboy"Cilurso (The Stiff Ones) and Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) to name a few and Cherie Currie (The Runaways) sang a duet with TxT on the Thin Lizzy song "The Rocker". There are at least 4-6 movies that have TxT songs in them. Texas Terri and band performed in and has two tracks in the movie "PREY FOR ROCK & ROLL", starring Gina Gershon, Drea Matteo, & Lori Petty that was released in Oct. 2003. Now out on DVD. Screenplay and music written by Cheri "LOVEDOG" Hubert. "I saw Texas Terri at the Wasted Festival UK and I was suitably impressed even in my state of inebriation, and yes like most of the blokes at the back of the room I was wondering whether it was a man in drag. I can assure you Texas Terri is all woman but she has bigger balls than a lot of you men out there. This punk rock ‘n’ roll at it’s finest, if you can imagine the New York Dolls with Joan Jett on vocals you'd be somewhere close." ....PUNK & OI / Paul "Texas Terri is a bad ass bitch that keeps the hard rock coming. She’s well known in the industry having working with such punk luminaries as Wayne Kramer, Cherie Currie, Marky Ramone, Cheetah Chrome and Mike Watt." .....SUICIDE GIRLS / Daniel Robert Epstein "Texas Terri is often compared to such frontpersons as Iggy Pop (she’s been deemed by many “the female Iggy Pop” – though it must be made clear she doesn’t say this of herself), Lux Interior, Joan Jett (this from Cherie Currie of The Runaways herself), Mick Jagger, Stiv Bators (by Cheetah, himself!), Wendy O. Williams (by Lemmy), and Courtney Love to name a few. TxT explains, 'You take all these people and what they really have in common is spontaneity, honesty, and just soul. They give you every bit of their passion and energy when they’re onstage. And that’s pretty much what a TxT show is like.' " ........REBEL NOISE / Janelle Jones "It's good to hear an old-fashioned punk rock record once in a while. Not that hyphenated punk is necessarily a bad thing, but an album like "Your Lips…My Ass!" that all about aggression and a bad attitude, with just enough melody to keep things interesting, can be a refreshing change from micromanaged niche-punk. With guests including Dwarves/Motochrist string-slasher Marc Diamond, Runaways frontwoman Cherrie Currie and the great Wayne Kramer, you already know tunes like "Dirty Action," "Mafia" and a take on Thin Lizzy's "The Rocker" are gonna burn the speakers down, and that's pretty much Terri's policy for the entire record: scorch the earth and piss on the ashes later." ....HIGH BIAS / Michael Toland

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Friday March 18



Karma Lounge


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