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Fared Shafinury & Tehranosaurus


Austin TX




Fared Shafinury is an Iranian-American musician living in Tehran, Iran and Austin, Texas. Born on the Gulf of Mexico, Shafinury absorbed the feel and rhythms of jazz, blues, indie rock, western classical and north Hindustani music. However, it is Persian classical music that has always held a sacred place in his heart. Although primarily self-taught in the setar, santur, and the vocal repertoire known as the radiff, Shafinury has had the privilege of studying under some of Iran’s most prominent Masters including: Ostad Mozaffari, Ostad Zolghadr, Ostad Shaari, Ostad Soukuti and Ostad Mohammad Reza Lotfi. At 26 years of age, Shafinury’s music is the progeny of his talent, passion, and environments - producing a sound that is simultaneously singular in character and universal in appeal. Shafinury has recorded his forth-coming début full-length album, Behind the Seas, at Avaye Darya studios in Tehran and at Premium in Austin, Texas. Now, back in the states, Fared has brought together friends and talent from Austin's vibrant music scene - including Jason Mckenzie of Atash on Tabla, Drummer Andy Beaudoin, Chris Ledesma on Bass and Guitar, Emmon Hall & Roberto Riggio on Violin, and Joey Santori on Cello. Playing under the name Tehranosaurus, the band brings to life Shafinury's modern vision of Persian classical music.


Friday March 18



St David's Bethell Hall

All Ages

301 E 8th St


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