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Screeching Weasel


Madison WI

For those that aren’t familiar with them (frankly, you should be ashamed of your self), Screeching Weasel have been a stalwart of the pop-punk scene for 25 years. Back in ’86 they took up the Ramones’ torch and have since created a bonfire. With legions of dedicated fans and a whole slew of acclaimed releases under their belt Screeching Weasel have firmly entrenched themselves as living legends in the punk rock world. Not satisfied to rest on their laurels, the band recently reformed and completed their first new material in 11 years, First World Manifesto. Comprised of 14 tracks, First World Manifesto has all the hallmarks of an instant Weasel classic. From the short fast punk rock standards bearing Ben’s trademark ire (this time directed at message board tyrants, scenesters, and blind followers) to the traditional mid-tempo girl oriented songs, it’s all in there. Musically, First World Manifesto delivers on expectations with their emblematic guitar driven sound ringing throughout, due in no small part to the return of famed guitarist Dan Vapid. Additionally, they enlisted Mike Kennerty (All-American Rejects) to take the reins as producer, and threw in some backing vocals by Dr. Frank (Mr. T Experience) and Joe Queer (The Queers). First World Manifesto is the masterpiece that Weasel fans have been dreaming about for the past decade of silence.


Friday March 18



Scoot Inn


1308 E 4th St


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