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Hystoic Vein


Meishinchou JAPAN




The monster rock band is from Japan which the clearance of new music scene, and they have a music history of good quality. Their glamorous and another dimension looks will must be shocked everyone. Sometimes their sound slashes with audience like a KATANA, and sometimes it brings in sweet and devilish kiss. They are proper for the pioneer of 10’ new age. The identity of the monster band is the four girls from the little island country Japan. When they started the band activity, the four lost their ego, because of the reaction of spending in the dark, and they headed for on the stage after going mad and shouting. The vocalist, Inko provokes audience with the dance, called “Inko dance”, and she sings songs with venting her frustration for the world. She has the outstanding sense of pops, so her unforgettable melody will come around in your mind. It seems as if she is a “crazy clown”. Beside Inko, the guitarist called Youkaku plays the guitar as she is obsessed by something. Warping her body, she gives the noise with her fiery eyes. Her play of the guitar with cramping is the image of chaos. Then the bassist, Yukary is the essence of the band. Her face is veiled with her forelock, and it doesn’t have expression. But the roaring bass phrase is violence, so the audience cannot help dancing. The drummer, Lyn keeps the rhythm with Yukary. She embodies the rhythm by using her all body, so her performance will entertain not only your hearing, but also your sight. Her arms move like a living snake, and make the great grooves. Their music based on the garage punk of new wave style, and they take in also the variety of elements such as R&R, psychedelic rock, and dance tune and so on. And their stage is the entertainment with strange atmosphere. Is it the movie from behind the screen, or the shed of spectacle? They are raved by the media in Japan, and their impetus doesn’t stay in Japan. So, it runs over the world. There will be many addicts of them throughout the world soon. The goal of them is only the turnover the world by their music, and the day approaches. They played at SXSW2010 !!!


Friday March 18





705 Red River St


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