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(RAS) Riders Against the Storm


Austin TX




Selected as 2008 Lennon award-winners, RAS has only begun to leave their musical mark on the world. This husband-wife team is going to make an impact on the entire universe with their uplifting lyrics, harmonies, and empowering spirit. After several years of performing as local (Providence, RI) solo artists on the theatrical and performance stage, Tiger Lily and Jbro came together in the summer of 2003 to create music together. The duo has been working hard over the last six years to manifest music and poetry that reflects a spirit of resistance to the prevalent and dominant ‘storm’ of music and art that exist today. Cited as the “next big thing in hip hop” by OURSTAGE blogger Bethaney Leavey, praise and attention has been rolling in steadily over the past six months. In August, RAS was featured in the ‘50 states in 50 weeks’ blog. In October 2009, RAS was described on the OURSTAGE.COM blog as a team with “a whole lotta heart, and some mighty voices to back it up.” Even further, OURSTAGE.COM has featured RAS’ music on their home page and hip hop radio channel. Riding Against the Storm means to break free or fight against whatever mainstream media and culture offers the masses today. Through music and performance the duo hopes to not only inform, but also to uplift and create spaces where atrocities against people of the African diaspora can begin to heal. A healing that can manifest itself through remembering the past, exposing lies, expressing emotion, and resisting self-hatred. Currently residing in Austin, Tx, our work has been featured in, the Austin Chronicle and the Austin American Statesman since their arrival in December.


Friday March 18



The Marq


422 N Congress Ave


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