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Smile Smile


Dallas TX



Truth On Tape

Wanting to bring something new to the Dallas music scene, Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme create their own modern blend of folk, pop and rock in Smile Smile. Their songs range from heart wrenching ballads to foot stomping sing alongs. Jencey's classical piano background teamed with Ryan's self-taught guitar style combine to create sounds which both soar above you and pull you in tight at the same time. "When we formed Smile Smile, we looked at what was missing in the world of folk and pop and then tried to create a sound that was uniquely ours," says Jencey. "We really wanted our music to be catchy and memorable, but also focusing on the issues that we care about." The duo garnered local and national success in 2006 with their debut full-length album Blue Roses. Its full of infectious melodies, dusty blue lyrics whispers, hand-claps and toe-tappable folk songs set to guitar and keys. Smile Smile were nominated for "Best Folk Rock Song ("Sad Song") at the Los Angeles Independent Music Awards, nominated as "Best USA Act" in the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and have had several tracks from Blue Roses licensed for programming on MTV's NEXT. Smile Smile will also be featured in the upcoming film Jack and Jill vs the World starring Freddie Prinze Jr. Although known for their subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) back and forth jabs onstage, when the pair sing together their voices sound as if they are one. Stripping songs down to the bone and emphasizing the simplicity of beautiful music, is about the only thing the two can agree upon.


Friday March 18



Continental Club


1315 S Congress Ave


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