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Truth Universal


New Orleans LA

Born in the Diego Martin, Trinidad, Truth Universal became a New Orleans residentat age four. In the Crescent City, he grew up on hip hop, brass bands, calypso, bass music, reggae, soul, jazz, and gospel. “Some of my first memories include going to the mall and my Mama buying me my first tape, which was the Fat Boys’ first album,” Truth says. “I also remember the Merly Merl’s (this cat named Merlin from a neighborhood close by mine) mixtapes, going by my friend Ralph’s house across the street and listening to his 12 inches, and digging in the dumpster at Read Supermarket for boxes to break on. Back then I wanted to DJ more than anything else. My family never could afford to buy me any 1200s.” Through the years, he carefully studied the unspoken rules and examples set forth by the early practitioners of hip hop. “I began dabbling in rhyming,” Truth recalls. “In 1991, per the suggestion of a friend, I started writing and really started taking it seriously.” Truth Universal’s ideals of hip hop preservation, contination and nonconformity, coupled with his social dialogue, make presence. “The reason my music sounds like it does is a conscious effort to keep it in the vein of what influenced me to hip hop and a natural black music progression,” he explains. “I would just call it traditional. I’m very mindful of the structure, feel, the DJ presence and a degree of provocative content.” TU dropped his first 12” single – “Natural Disaster”/”Put It On Your Mind”/”Dashiki Dialogue” and EP – “Plantation Graffiti: The Naked Truth Dressed to Kill” in 2000 and 2001 respectively and he entered a contest called the Mic Check 2000. Even though he didn’t win, this performance served to establish his presence on the New Orleans scene and win the respect of his peers. With his political messages, traditional Hip Hop sensibilities, and progressive lyrical content, Truth Universal has remained a consistent talent and a true voice from the South for over a decade. Truth released his full-length debut, “Self-Determination,” in 2008 to critical acclaim, including coverage in Source Magazine,, and countless others. Truth is a leader of the New Orleans Hip Hop scene, an outspoken voice for social change and consciousness, and an invaluable member of the New Orleans cultural economy and the greater international Hip Hop community.

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Friday March 18



The Marq


422 N Congress Ave


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