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The Atlas Moth


Chicago IL

"...executed in ambitious widescreen, shoehorning monolithic (but never boring) post-metal piledrivers between the shards of tormented mayhem" ....- Decibel Magazine 19 on the Top 40 of 2009.... "Muscular and riffy doom/sludge gives way to psychedelic blues and ambient passages before the clouds disappear and melodicism prevails. This is epic stuff, people. Get familiar." ....- 9 on the Top 20 of 2009.... "People refer to Atlas Moth as a sludge or stoner band. They're clearly wearing blinders/missing a lot." ....- 27 on the Top 30 Best Metal Albums of 2009 .... "Fucking Amazing. I would love to end this review right there. Instead I will go on to explain why this this self produced debut by Chicago based The Atlas Moth is begging to be crowned album of the year." ....- "A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky is the best horror movie that I’ve ever listened to!" ....- The Ripple Effect....


Friday March 18



Dirty Dog Bar


505 E 6th St


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