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Candy Golde


Chicago IL

The Candy Golde line-up, down to the mastering and cover art, reads something like a cross between a Warhol Factory party and the sonic alternative music boom of the 90s with a generous serving of in your face rock 'n roll. It’s no wonder, given this lineage of top drawer artists, Candy Golde could be described as the best and baddest of musical collaborations Chicago has to offer. The men of Candy Golde are Nicholas Tremulis, Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick) John Stiratt (Wilco) and Rick Rizzo (11th Dream Day), between them accumulating over 100 years of rock 'n roll history. The 5-song EP was mastered by Ivan Julian of Richard Hell and the Voidoids. The EP contains four originals and a cover of Paul Simon’s “Boy in the Bubble”, issued for limited edition 10” vinyl and download on Ten O Nine Records. The dark, authorative painting gracing the cover by renowned modern artist Wesley Kimler, hand-picked by Tremulis, Stirratt and Rizzo, all good friends with the painter. Together they deliver a seamless fusion of the best of what they bring to their bands. You get an idea of what’s coming the instant you hear the armageddon dance crazed opener, “The Hold Steady”. Carlos' pounding in the raucous swagger of “Boy in the Bubble, where you fully expect to see Captain Jack Sparrow leading the pirate brigade; the incandescent pop wonder that is “Trouble’s Coming Down”. Tremulis is the seasoned troubador, his lyrics, playing bursting with stories of the streets and soul who recently wrapped up co-writing a tune with long time friend Alejandro Escovedo for his current album. Nick’s hero Rick Danko contributed vocals for Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra’s “In Search Of Woodfoot” followed by NTO gigging with him during Danko's final days. In his 25+ years performing, Tremulis has shared the stage and studio with Keith Richards, Billy Corgan, Marianne Faithful, Mavis Staples, Ronnie Spector, Jeff Tweedy, Los Lobos, The Neville Brothers, Steve Earle, Bonnie Raitt, Ian Hunter, David Johansen and more. Carlos’ unmistakable robust, solid drumming provides the backbone. 35 years with the euphoric pop that is Cheap Trick, Candy Golde isn’t Carlos’ first time at the rodeo. He busies himself regularly with a myriad of projects from marching bands to the recent Tinted Windows, which featured Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne), James Iha (of Smashing Pumpkins) and Taylor Hanson. He also guested at the smash Waltz charity concert series put on by Tremulis, backing up Jeff Tweedy and Gary Louris (Jayhawks). As Nick and the fellas point out, "he keeps time like a motherf**cker.' Stirratt weaves his bass into the sound with the dexterity of a needle and thread. Clocking 15 years with Wilco, he is the only founding member, alongside Jeff Tweedy, to contribute to all the band’s releases which have garnered 6 Grammy nominations in 4 different categories, and a Best Alternative win for A Ghost is Born in 2005. Stirratt, who also guested on a Waltz concert, spreads the sweet pop around in his other band, Autumn Defense (with fellow native New Orleansian/Wilco member Pat Sansone) and in recordings with his sister Laurie Stirratt. Rizzo, co-lead singer of Candy Golde along with Tremulis, is known for his signature dazzling notes and moves. Those moves in 11th Dream Day's second effort “Prairie School Freakout” - a wonderous fury of rock - solidified the band’s mission as super-distorted Crazy Horse disciples with an abundance of post-adolescent zeal. It is universally agreed upon by critics and fans alike that 11th Dream Day easily can be afforded the same esteem reserved for seminal bands such as Sonic Youth, the Replacements, Dinosaur, Jr. Rizzo delivers that and more with the shared Chicago home flavor of his Candy Golde bandmates.


Friday March 18



Club de Ville


900 Red River St.


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