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Eksi Ekso


Boston MA



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"a near-perfect synthesis of the band's ambitious statement of intent and secret love of pop. Eksi Ekso takes the every-song-is-a-huge-crescendo mentality of general post-rock and arc-welds it to great verse-chorus-bridge popcraft that belies the band's youth." - Consequence of Sound "Brown Shark, Red Lion is the most interesting and challenging pop album I've heard so far this year." - My Old Kentucky Blog "Eksi Ekso has caught my eye in delivering one of the most striking albums of the year... the sheer rush of clashing emotions conveyed is one of remarkable awe." - Obscure Sound "Eksi Ekso soars, slashes, and burns and chimes again on its sophomore full-length, Brown Shark, Red Lion,'' - Boston Globe _______________________________________________________ Boston's Eksi Ekso will release their second LP Brown Shark, Red Lion on March 15, 2011 via The Mylene Sheath (label home to Giants, Caspian, and more.) They will be touring out West to SXSW this March is support of the new record. Paired with a 28 page book of artwork, the album tells the story of a photographer and amateur astronomer who disappeared mysteriously in Eastern Turkey in the late 1800s. "Addition by subtraction" is a cliche often quoted by the unoriginal that nonetheless offers a fair assessment of Eksi Ekso-- a band that has gone from six to three full-time members and still somehow expanded its sound by refining it. When writing began for the follow-up to 2008's I Am Your Bastard Wings, the three current members of Eksi Ekso: Tom Korkidis (vocals, guitar, bass, keys), Alex Mihm (drums, loops, percussion), and Sean Will (keys, synths, trumpet, samples), found themselves constrained by the inertia of a large band doomed to stay within its post-rock tendencies. As the three spent more time working together, it became clear they had a very real momentum with myriad ideas that would never survive the democratic process of a six-piece group. The band's newest record, 2011's Brown Shark, Red Lion, shows a band comfortable exploring areas of orchestral pop(backed by a nine-piece chamber group), synth-soaked dance, and hard-hitting rock. The vocals are memorable and well-arranged, the melodic instruments make hooks out of refreshingly atypical chords and melodies, the rhythm section pummels with a deft blend of creativity and back-beat. The record was tracked with Scott Riebling (Fall Out Boy, Von Bondies), mixed by Scott Solter (John Vanderslice, Spoon, Pattern is Movement), and mastered by Dave McNair (Midlake, Los Lobos) of Sterling Sound in New York.


Friday March 18





710 Red River St


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