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Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven

Alt Country

Silverlake CA



Big Black Train

In California, Maxim Ludwig lives surrounded by the ghosts of the “Gone West” migration. Though barely broken into his 20s, Ludwig embraces folk music of eras past, and his songs seem drunk-honest in their depiction of an uncertain life in a temporary town. Whether he is crooning over lap steel, piano, or violin, the young musician’s lyrics channel the feelings of rambling desperation that inspired such greats as Hank Williams. Confessing, “I became heavily obsessed with words,” Ludwig’s songs unveil themselves like good literature, and string the listener along with equal parts suspense and intrigue. Maxim eventually released an album, and later picked up a full band to become Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe Seven. The band would have you believe they are touring to earn another sip of warm whiskey and another story to tell; they may not be far off the mark. With their cool confidence and coiled-snake energy, it is hard to believe otherwise.


Friday March 18



The Ale House


310 E 6th St (Alley Entrance)


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