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Wrexham UK-WALES



'Miami Spider'

"the jerky propulsion of Foals, the riffs-as-rhythm of Pivot and the synthy tomfoolery so beloved of Battles" NME GALLOPS are where live electronics and jagged guitars meet on the floor and thrash the s**t out of each other until neither one is left standing. Seamlessly blending organic and synthetic in a cohesive manner, while showcasing progressive song-writing without alienating the listener. This is as much for headphone listening in a dark room as it is for festival dance-offs. Taking influence from such drastically varied artists (Aphex Twin, Fugazi, Vangelis, Sun-Ra, Steve Reich...) goes someway to explaining the provocatively unique shape of this, their 5 track debut EP, which firmly stakes a claim on behalf of the 4 piece as 1 of the UK's brightest hopes. A limited edition collaborative release from 2 of the UKs most exciting DIY labels; Holy Roar (Rolo Tomassi, Pulled Apart By Horses) and Blood and Biscuits (Three Trapped Tigers, Tall Ships) this EP is destined to be one of those evasive records, which the snoozers will hunting down on e-bay in 6 months time. The 4 piece from Wrexham (yes, Wrexham!?) are a band of few words, infact this EP doesn't contain any. The closest you'll hear to vocals on the entire EP is a heavily manipulated hoover synth on 'Miami Spider' which sound as if it's been transmitted from extra terrestrials, speaking from galaxies away in an unidentifiable tongue, to steer the record to its ultimate conclusion. Much like some of our favourite pieces or art, books, films and records, the open interpretation only enhances the experience. So are GALLOPS willing to give us an insight into their stimulus, their methods, their evolution, their mindset, their intentions? "We just hope we are doing something a bit different and giving people enjoyment". We'll take that as a "no".


Friday March 18



Latitude 30


512 San Jacinto St


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