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Between the Lines of Andrew Earles' Husker Du Biography

Writer Andrew Earles will discuss several topics centered around his recently-published biography of Husker Du. Among these topics will be how the music press has focused on certain aspects of Husker Du’s legacy, thus overshadowing the many groundbreaking steps taken by the band during their active years as well as the massive impact the trio’s legacy has had on the past quarter-century of underground music. Also discussed will be the sensitivity that remains at the core of Husker Du and the state of flux currently held by the band’s back catalog, even to this day, and how this influenced Earles’ biographical endeavor. This being Earles’ first book, some matters related directly to that will be touched upon, namely the mistakes made and lessons learned during the writing process.



MODERATOR Andrew Earles Andrew Earles Productions


Friday March 18



Austin Convention Center

Room 11AB

500 E Cesar Chavez St



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