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Music Transcending Borders and Boundaries

Music transcends borders emotionally, but artists still must find and capture an audience. With so much talent around the world, sometimes it is harder to "break out" to a global audience. This presentation will explore how labels and producers work with seasoned and emerging artists across genres, global boundaries and platforms. This includes best practices for online programming and traditional distribution. This presentation will include an executive from National Geographic Music and musical group that has successfully gained global recognition. They will discuss the most effective ways artists can increase their musical reach to a vast, incredibly diverse global audience. This includes the best resources, online or otherwise, for discovering the next big crossover acts in international music. National Geographic Music was established to reach people and inspire them to care about the planet through music and the power of radio. The division oversees the production of projects from today's hottest artists who are actively involved in environmental and cultural issues, as well as offers consumers the soundtrack of the world, from traditional roots music to unexpected hybrids from the furthest reaches of the globe. It launched with several distribution partners, including Clear Channel, Salem Communications and NPR, in order to provide the greatest opportunities for artists to expand their reach to global audiences.



MODERATOR Jeffrey Clyburn National Geographic

Zoe Jakes Beats Antique

Thomas Cappel Beats Antique

David Satori Beats Antique


Friday March 18



Austin Convention Center

Room 8BC

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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