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Music Is The Weapon: Empowering Communities Through Music

Musician/artist-led movements and grass-roots initiatives are sprouting up around the world and are working on making the dialogue between producer and consumer more organic. These artists not only connect with their audiences by addressing social injustice, racism, and the effects of globalization in their music, they actually go to the under-served and divided neighborhoods. They organize, support public programs and provide creative outlets for disenfranchised youth. This panel will focus on the work of such artist-led movements, the effect they have within the various communities, and what we as musicians, industry executives, and the media can learn from such movements about community engagement.



MODERATOR Ngozi Odita Founder/Creative Dir Society HAE

NGOZI ODITA is founder and Editorial Dir. of Society HAE (SHAE), an online media platform designed to erase geographic boundaries and unite people based on lifestyle and their desire to create/support "art" of various mediums.   SHAE's focus is to promote emerging art and culture through digital content and events.

Delphine Fawundu Buford Photographer Adama Images

DELPHINE FAWUNDU-BUFORD is an award winning photographer and educator. She has been documenting hip-hop culture for over 15 years. She is currently producing a multi-media project on West African Hip-Hop.

Christopher (Gidon) Ockletree Co-Founder The Cipher-Austin's Hip Hop Project

GIDON is co-founder of the hip hop group  "Public Offenders" (2002) who have created three albums addressing conditions of injustice. Gidon is also the co-founder of the nonprofit organization The Cipher-Austin's Hip Hop Project (2007) . The Cipher is on a mission to unite youth through music and activism and has produced two full length compilation albums.

Immortal Technique Artist Immortal Technique

Benjamin Herson Founder Nomadic Wax LLC

BEN HERSON is the founder and Executive Director of Nomadic Wax – a fair trade music, film and events production company with a focus on presenting politically and socially conscious music from around the world. Herson graduated with a B.A. in African Studies and Anthropology from Hampshire College in 2000 and did post baccalaureate studies in Wolof (a West African language) at Columbia University.


Friday March 18



Austin Convention Center

Room 16A

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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