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Vinyl Records 3.0 Challenges and Rewards

What is the role of vinyl LP in current acts in the marketplace today? The purpose of this panel is to explain and show in depth the role of vinyl in the music marketplace. Panelists will discuss vinyl as the most important tangible music medium to push in marketing. Following explanations of why any band or artist should produce vinyl and which acts are more likely to benefit and why they will benefit from pressing vinyl, they will walk the artist through the process of production including options for customizations; including coloring, cutting, time expectancy, pricing, self-marketing, and selling at the independent retail level. The explanation of the edge that vinyl has over any other music medium in the marketplace today as well as the pros of producing vinyl is an mp3 dominated music medium era will be addressed. This panel should be open for questions and discussion because the subject is depending on the artist themselves and how they choose to market their music.



MODERATOR Oliver Goss Pres Record Pressing

OLIVER GOSS has 20+ years of music industry experience, including executive production, promotional event planning, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, legal affairs, marketing, and management. He formed an independent record label, Cosmic Flux Musiq. He is the founder and president of Record Pressing, the first vinyl record manufacturer with Internet presence, and raised the bar in the quality of records released in the US.

Nina Palmer Natl Sales Mgr Ross Ellis Packaging Solutions

NINA PALMER opened Ross Ellis' US office in 1980. Prior to that she was a partner in a South Jersey vinyl pressing plant. However, her real beginnings in this industry were at the family dinner table watching her dad invent the automation for the automatic record press which is still widely used today.

JJ Golden Engineer Golden Mastering

JJ GOLDEN began working as a mastering engineer at Golden Mastering in 1998. Over the past 13 years, he has mastered over a thousand albums including CD and Vinyl records for Calexico, New Pornographers, The Sword, Devotchka, Vetiver, Ray Barbee, Kelly Stoltz and Big Business.

Matt Earley Dir Sales Mktg Gotta Groove Records

MATT EARLEY has worked in every link of the vinyl record supply chain. He works with hundreds of independent retailers for music wholesaler EDGE Entertainment; he advised artists and labels on P&D deals as an entertainment lawyer; and currently he directs sales and pre-press at pressing plant Gotta Groove Records.

Jennifer Freund Pres Dorado Press

JENNIFER FREUND is the CEO of DoradoPkg, manufacturers of premium quality album covers, vinyl record jackets, CD and digipak covers, posters, tour books and numerous other music industry packaging and print products. DoradoPkg’s clients include labels, distributors and independent artists worldwide.

Pete Lyman Owner Infrasonic Sound Recording Co

Infrasonic Co-Founder, PETE LYMAN, has been mastering CD & vinyl for over ten years, including material for No Age, Shooter Jennings, Best Coast and Norah Jones to name a few. Pete is one of the few engineers equipped to master directly to disc thanks to his studio’s unique setup.

Steven Sheldon Pres Rainbo Records

STEVE SHELDON, 57 years old, has spent virtually his entire professional life in manufacturing for the entertainment industry. He started his career in the music business on the production floor of Rainbo Records while attending college in 1971. He was named its CEO / General Manager in 1986 and president in 2003.

Jay Millar Dir Of Mktg United Record Pressing

JAY MILLAR is the Director Of Marketing for United Record Pressing and has helped spearhead major changes for the company; from quality and innovations to reputation and customer service United has reinvented itself and Jay's a big part of that. Prior to his time at United, he's worked for Universal, Sony, BMG and PolyGram. In addition to his work with United he also runs Microfiche Records, a tiny vinyl only label that releases older titles that were once CD only. Jay is a record nerd through and through.


Saturday March 19



Austin Convention Center

Room 16B

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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