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Record Store Day and Revitalizing Indie Retail

The record industry isn't all doom and gloom. When independent retail saw the downturn in sales, what did they do? Market themselves! This panel explores the brief history of Record Store Day and how independent retailers are working with labels to create events to engage consumers. The panel will discuss the growth of the event, and highlight a number of stores' marketing strategies to draw the consumer in - and retain them. The panel will show examples of exclusive product, live in-store events and recordings and how they generated a real 'experience' for the fan. The panel will also review and critique its latest ongoing promotions to drive sales year round.



MODERATOR Susan Tanner Talent Booker/Independent Consultant ESI Events

SUSAN TANNER's career began in the late 1980's as an intern at IRS Records, and she has worked in sales for MCA Records, Universal Distribution, The Bottom Line Record Company, and most recently, at Righteous Babe Records in Buffalo NY, until this past summer. Susan is now employed in marketing and promotion with ESI Events, a Buffalo-based promotion company that books a number of rooms in Western New York, including the Tralf Music Hall, Asbury Hall and The Ninth Ward at Babeville. Additionally, she is a marketing and PR consultant for a number of young musicians and comedians in Buffalo. In her free time, Susan sings with the Western New York Chorale, an early music group, and hosts a summer house concert series with her husband Marty Boratin.

Scott Register A&R Junketboy Distribution/CIMS

Joe Nardone VP/Owner Gallery of Sound

JOE NARDONE JR. is the VP and Owner of Gallery of Sound Wilkes-Barre Pa, a small chain of record stores that are indie to the core since 1972. Joe is a founding member of the Music Monitor Network and a Record Store Day supporter from its planning stages. Joe is a retail record industry lifer.

Carrie Colliton Record Store Day

CARRIE COLLITON is the "Crew Chief" for Record Store Day, handling detail organization and the flow of information to stores and the public. She has worked for indie record stores since college, and her day job is Director of Marketing for Music Monitor Network, a coalition of indie record stores.


Friday March 18



Austin Convention Center

Room 11AB

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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