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Mastering Vinyl, Hear All About It

My panel will answer everything you want to know about disk cutting. Vinyl albums have experienced a big resurgence in the past few years. From a low point of less than 1 million units sold in 2006, to over 3 million last year. Every major project we master has vinyl cut for it. This panel will answer all your questions about mastering for vinyl, how it can be different from CD mastering and how to prep your masters. I will also present a historical over-view of disk cutting featuring photos and movies of my dual lathe mastering studio in the mid-80's.



MODERATOR Bob Ludwig Pres Gateway Mastering Studios Inc

BOB LUDWIG, Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer, owns Gateway Mastering in Portland, ME. He has mastered countless Gold & Platinum records by artists including the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Coldplay, Radiohead, Beck, and the Fray. Bob is a thirteen TEC award winner and has also won the Les Paul Award. He is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and a former co-chair of the P&E Wing, NARAS.

Michael Fremer Owner/Editor

MICHAEL FREMER is a senior contributing editor at Stereophile magazine and editor/owner of the online vinyl-oriented music review website He's produced and hosted two cult fave vinyl related DVDs: "21st Century Vinyl: Michael Fremer's Practical Guide to Turntable Set-up," and "It’s a Vinyl World, After All."

Doug Sax Owner/Founder The Mastering Lab

As founder of The Mastering Lab, DOUG SAX has cut thousands of LP masters with his custom designed cutting system. As co-founder of Sheffield Lab, Sax also became the father of modern direct-to-disc recording. He has a Lifetime Honorary Membership in the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and a Technical Achievement Grammy.


Friday March 18



Austin Convention Center

Room 11AB

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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