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Steve Krug Explains It All for You


Nowadays, Steve (Don’t Make Me Think) Krug is fixated on getting everyone to do their own usability testing. It’s almost sad, really. Bordering on an obsession. And it *would* be sad, except for the fact that usability testing turns out to be the best thing anyone can do to improve a Web site (or Web app, or desktop app, or iPad app—you get the idea) that they’re working on. Last year, he boiled down everything you need to know to do your own testing into 162 pages in his second book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy. Now, for people who haven’t got two hours to read a really short book (with lots of illustrations), he’s going to boil it down into a SxSW talk…complete with a live demonstration. You’ll leave the room ready—and eager--to start testing.



Steve Krug Advanced Common Sense

Most people know me from my two books about usability: Don't Make Me Think Rocket Surgery Made Easy If you've enjoyed them and see me at SxSW, please don't hesitate to stop me and say hello. (I'm always happy to sign books, too.)


Tuesday March 15



Austin Convention Center

Ballroom A

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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