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Japan Web: A New Beginning or the Galapagos


Japan remains a big question mark. Sometimes qualified as strange, sometimes thought as very innovative, often unknown to many. Can you name one Japanese startup? Can you name one Japanese web service that you use? Do you know Facebook is almost inexistent there? With the recent successes of Twitter (almost 20% of worldwide tweets are in Japanese), the iPhone (shaking a very insular mobile market), is Japan opening up to the US and the world? Similarly, with Rakuten, the Japanese eBay, acquiring & opening offices in the US, but also entering China and elsewhere, are we witnessing a new era of Japanese companies' expansion? Japan remains a land of opportunities. A country where innovative models are popping up every day. Let's learn about Japan.



Ken Brady Digital Strategy Wieden+Kennedy

Ken has a background in marketing, film, television, virtual worlds, mobile and social consulting with a variety of companies and clients across the US, Japan, and China. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Genkii, a Tokyo-based startup that developed its own mobile products as well as providing consulting for Elle, Dentsu, ngi group, 3Di, Linden Lab, and others. He is also a professional science fiction writer, screenwriter, and futurist, and founded and ran Tokyo Beer and Blog, a gathering of Japanese and expat tech geeks in Japan. Ken now works at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, providing digital strategy for brands such as Dodge, Chrysler, Levi's and EA.

Ko Orita President Digital Media Strategies LLC

Ko is a Seattle-based analyst and business consultant focusing on online advertising and media. Japan’s top advertising agencies, media companies, and ad networks are among Ko’s clients, for services ranging from industry research, to technology and service evaluation, to partnership strategies. Ko is a regular speaker at industry conferences and corporate seminars in Japan. Currently he is an advisor for ad:tech Tokyo, the largest Asian digital advertising conference. He facilitates conversations and negotiations between North American ad and media technology firms and Japanese ad and media companies. Ko was voted one of Japan’s top 11 Alpha Bloggers, and his blog, Ad Innovator, is followed by Japanese marketing and interactive media executives.

Naoki Aoyagi CEO GREE International Inc

Naoki Aoyagi joined GREE in March 2006 as the company's chief financial officer. Under his leadership, GREE went public with phenomenal success in 2008. He established GREE International in January 2011, and serves as the first CEO. He has nearly 10 years of experience in financial operations and management in the technology, media, telecom and internet sectors, including four years at Deutsche Bank where he held various executive positions, and handled start-up financing, global-offerings, and M&A.

Paul Papadimitriou VP, Principal Analyst Constellation Research

I am an industry analyst focusing on online media, its impact on how corporations and individuals communicate, and the redefinition of social norms through new technologies. I try to understand how technology impacts people, how cultures impact technology and where brands fit in this feedback loop. With more than a decade of experience as a lobbyist and business consultant, I deliver intelligence to companies seeking to understand the shift in customer engagement, while constantly commuting between Japan, South East Asia and Europe. I also advise various startups, write about Japan mobile & web trends, and am a sought-after speaker at conferences around the world.

Serkan Toto Japan Correspondent TechCrunch

Part-time, Dr. Serkan Toto works as the first and only Asia-based writer for the TechCrunch network, mainly covering Japan-related technology and web companies for TechCrunch, CrunchGear and MobileCrunch. Full-time, Serkan is working as an independent web and mobile industry consultant with a focus on the Japanese market. He is 7-lingual, holds an MBA and is a PhD in economics. Serkan is a German of Turkish descent and lives in Tokyo.


Tuesday March 15




Salon K

500 East 4th Street




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