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Core Conversation

Sausagefest: Getting More Women Into New Media & Tech

This industry has a ratio problem. Still. It's getting better, but panels, conferences, magazine articles, VC funding - it's all dominated by men. In a big way. Is this because women are lame and uncreative? No. Is it because men are evil and sexist? No. (Sheesh, no.) But - where there is such an obvious and unrelenting gender disparity, there is a problem waiting to be solved. How can women do more to make their ideas happen? (And get money for them?) What do men do differently than women? Is industry coverage lopsided - and if so, how can we change that? What can we blame on the people running all-dude conferences - and what can we take responsibility for ourselves? How can we work together as an industry to encourage the kind of diversity that will free up the very best of our collective talent to rise to the top? Women are great. Men are great. But the ratio in this industry - not great. This panel will address that, and how to change it.


Alexia Tsotsis Writer TechCrunch

Rachel Sklar Founder Change The Ratio

Editor-at-Large of, Co-Founder of, advisor for I will hash you.


Saturday March 12



Marriott Courtyard

Brazos 2/3

300 East 4th Street


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