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Behavior Design: Stop Being Neutral, Start Influencing Decisions

Design traditionally focuses on creating products and services that recognize an existing behavior and work to support it. The next wave will be products and services that motivate and incentivize change. Design can help us be better at what we do and make us do better things. We are in the age of aware tech. People are receiving vast amounts of data about their own actions and patterns. We need to provide them with clever ways to act on that information. Moreover, companies and organizations are seeking out ways to influence customer choices and create social impact, but many designers are hesitant to pursue work that makes choices for people. Design has always had an influence, whether recognized or not. It’s time to start seeing that all design choices have an impact, and to start working towards changing the way we live for the better.



Brad Nunnally User Experience Designer Perficient

I have been practicing User Experience Design for the past 4 years. During that time I have helped clients in the financial, health care management, public utilities, and pharmaceutical management industries. I've provided them with deep insight into their customers and users, and designed engaging experiences that were catered directly for their customers and users. As a User Experience Consultant at Perficient, I perform a variety of UX activities that allow me to build an empathic link to a variety of people that directly informs the designs I create. These activities cover the full spectrum of research, modeling, design, and testing. My passion in User Experience Design is centered around the modeling of data gained from user research and the creation of interactive prototypes and wireframes. I've mentored and presented on these two aspects of User Experience Design to people around St. Louis, MO and across the country. When I'm not writing and presenting on User Experience Design, I spend my free time playing around with my toddler son, Tristan. He constantly reminds me not to take too much for granted and the best way to learn anything is to get down and dirty with it.

Chris Risdon Sr Experience Designer Adaptive Path

Chris Risdon is a Senior Experience Designer at Adaptive Path. He has over twelve years of experience designing and producing digital products and services. His journeyman path has helped shape his belief that finding the right blend of interaction design and communication design enables people to have compelling and useful experiences with the products and services around them. Chris holds an MFA in design from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and has taught design at NYU’s school for continuing education.

Nicholas J Disabato Interaction Designer N/A

Nick wrote, designed, published, and shipped the book Cadence & Slang, He covered its printing costs using a site called Kickstarter, which allows you to roll your own fundraising drive. As an interaction designer, the primary focus of his work has been on how interfaces can change people's behavior, and what the ramifications of that can be in society. Nick lives in Chicago and works for a mid-sized consultancy.


Monday March 14




Capitol A-D

701 East 11th St



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