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The Potential of Augmented Reality for Education

Augmented Reality (AR) is on the verge of becoming a household name. Even though the concepts and technologies that make AR possible have been around for quite sometime, the tech-savvy community has been abuzz lately as mobile platforms such as iOS and Android have played a large role in bringing AR to the masses. But what is AR? In a nutshell, AR is a reality or environment that is augmented by layers of computer-generated information. Recent AR technologies have allowed for mobile devices to add layers of reality atop the world we see through our cell phone cameras. Several applications such as Layar, AroundMe and others allow users to find and interact with information and other users by simply panning their cell phones around them. What are some current examples of AR technologies, applications and potential uses around today? How does this technology affect education? What types of knowledge, community-building activities, contextual and informal learning experiences can be created with AR? How can we use AR to augment learning outcomes and creation of communities of practice? These are just some of the questions we will discuss on this panel.


Brandon Carson Learning Yahoo!

I am a leader and strategic driver focused on organizational and team success. As a learning strategist, I drive leadership initiatives, strategic planning, employee development, program implementation, change management and collaborative partnerships designed to improve performance. The recipient of collaboration and innovation awards for my work in learning design, I also serve on the board of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA), and write frequently about learning-related topics at I hold an M.Ed. in eLearning Technology and Design and a B.A. in Business Communications as well as advanced ISPI certification in Analysis. I reside in the San Francisco Bay area.

Brendan Scully Mgr Business Dev metaio Inc

Brendan is a Business Development Manager and Experience Designer at metaio, Inc., the world-leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. After graduating from Dartmouth in 2010 with a special major in Augmented Reality Design, he joined up with metaio to help grow the company in the North American market. In June 2010 Brendan spoke at the Augmented Reality Event on the future social and political impacts of AR technology. He enjoys paintball, California and being underwater.

Enzo Silva Instructional Designer Oracle

Enzo Silva is a recognized expert, author and speaker in the learning technology field. He brings his unique insight as a social media and gaming expert to his role as a curriculum developer at Oracle. Previously, Enzo served as an instructional designer at Sun Microsystems. Silva has spoken at universities in Brazil, China, South Korea, and American Samoa about technology-assisted language learning and the use of social media to enhance and promote learning. Enzo holds a Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology. He currently resides in the greater Atlanta area.

Karen Hamilton Professor George Brown College

Karen Hamilton is a Liberal Arts & Science Professor and Online Coordinator at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Current courses include Psychology of Consumer Behaviour, Visual Communications and Soap, Sex & Cigarettes: A Cultural History of Advertising. Partly seconded to the Learning Innovations and Academic Development department, she mentors faculty in the use of technology. She has done research and written on augmented reality in education and has presented on the subject at the ETC Advancing Learning Conference. As a teacher of general education electives, she is interested in the use of emerging technology to engage students.

Tish Shute Founder Ugotrade

Tish Shute is a digital strategist, writer, cyborg anthropologist, and founder of Ugotrade – a leading blog focused on augmented reality, and the future of mobile social communications. Tish is also the co-chair/co-founder of Augmented Reality Event - a landmark in an emerging industry, and ARWave - an open distributed platform for augmented reality that brings real-time mobile social communication and 3D to the physical world platform. Tish is passionate about the potential of augmented realities to expand our potential to guide, create and play. She adds, "I love being involved in influencing how a new industry will turn out!" Tish’s career in new media and technology began with work in motion control, robotics, and special effects for film, television, theme parks and aerospace. She continues her interest in innovation and paradigm shifts as an entrepreneur, developer and writer focused on the uncharted territory of UX design for our augmented mobile social futures. Tish has a Ph.D (all but dissertation) in Anthropology, from the Program in Culture and Media, New York University where she pursued her interest in the uptake of new technology from a more academic POV.


Friday March 11



Hilton Garden Inn


500 North IH 35





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