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Avoiding The Bear: Keeping Your Good Company Good

You’ve worked hard for your delicious bits, but the bear is always hungry, and it’s waiting for you to screw up. As a founder, a manager, or individual rockstar, your work is a fragile asset that could be erased with one CHOMP. And yet, success and failure aren’t random. Just like not getting eaten by the bear, your path requires paying attention, planning ahead, careful communication, and having a good backup plan. In this talk we’ll explore the mechanics of making it work while also witnessing some spectacular examples of when the bear got to eat. Ultimately, it’s the near-misses and amazing recoveries that we can learn from when the bear starts sniffing at your door.



Rolf Skyberg Sr Prod Mgr eBay Inc

Investigator, problem solver, father, husband, innovator, explainer, presenter, and currently product manager at eBay Mobile. I've never met a good problem I didn't like, or feel that I could understand a little better.


Friday March 11



Austin Convention Center

Room 6AB

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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