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Big in Japan: Outreaching to a Unique Market

Japan has ubiquitous high-speed coverage and a voracious appetite for tech gadgets, however, their tools have developed with entirely different features than other countries. For example: Japan's ""Galapo-phones"" commonly include streaming TV and multi-character sets, Mixii and Gree each have more than 30 million users on their social networks, and Yahoo is a whole different experience from US counter-part. With meteoric growth in Twitter and network tools, Japan aims on becoming the regional leader for emerging social web technologies -- much like their early leadership in consumer electronics and gaming industries. This presents opportunities for collaboration and partnerships but localizing requires more than translation. This panel will discuss the unique characteristics of Japanese web and mobile market including tactics for connecting to markets, identifying opportunities, and outreaching to audiences, plus understanding unexpected cultural nuances and consumer expectations.



Fumi Yamazaki Blogger N/A

Fumi Yamazaki is a Japanese blogger. She formerly worked for NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the largest telecom in Japan), Internet marketing research company Interscope, and Digital Garage where she was involved in VC investment, incubation of startups and hosting conference and events. She was the founding member of Technorati Japan, involved in various free culture movements including Creative Commons Japan and iCommons. After freelancing for 1.5years as traveler/consultant/journalist/project manager, she currently works for the Developer Relations team at Google.

Robert Laing CEO myGengo

Robert Laing is the CEO and co-founder of myGengo, a Tokyo-based startup that offers an API and platform for human translation at scale.

Rocky Eda Head of CEO's Office Digital Garage

Ryan Holmes CEO HootSuite

HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes’ entrepreneurial endeavors include successes in a variety of industries from founding a pizza restaurant chain to building the top online paintball equipment supplier in Canada before founding Invoke, the agency that created the popular social media dashboard tool. His interest in tech emerged early after winning an Apple II in an elementary school programming contest. Ryan founded digital agency Invoke Media in 2000 to provide holistic marketing, development and design services. Invoke also developed products including early CMS and e-commerce web apps, the Memelabs contesting platform, and then social media dashboard HootSuite. Rapid growth led to spin-out and funding of HootSuite in December 2009. Ryan frequently presents at conferences internationally — including 140tc, OMMA, 140conf, IMA, Open Network Labs — speaking about the evolution of the social web. He is widely quoted in media sources including NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Guardian (UK), and Venture Beat. Personally, he is an enthusiast of yoga, rock climbing, paragliding, surfing and playing with his dog Mika.

Steve Mock GM

Steve Mock is a Silicon Valley veteran who has been founder or management team of five start ups in software, internet, mobile, and online gaming industries. Currently, he is General Manager of, an online gaming web site for math. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of, an children’s adventure web site, and Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at IP Infusion Inc., a software company sold to Access Software (Tokyo Stock Exchange #TSE 4813). Steve also worked for the Sony Corporation in Tokyo in their corporate strategy group for telecommunications, where he led Sony’s first investment in the mobile industry and helped launch several mobile products. Steve has a BA in East Asian Studies from the University of Michigan and was a Mombusho (Japanese Ministry of Education) Fellow at University of Hiroshima, where he produced documentaries for Japanese television on trade policy and media bias.


Sunday March 13




Salon D

500 East 4th Street




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