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Time Traveling: Interfaces for Geotemporal Visualization


Displaying geography alone is easy: interactive maps are more and more a part of our everyday lives. Displaying time alone is easy: we are all familiar with charts and animations that show the passage of time. It is increasingly common to display time and space together in a single visual interface as well, but this combination has raised a number of new questions. There are few conventions or standards for geotemporal visualization, and we are still discovering which approaches are most effective for which datasets. Focusing particularly on historical data, this panel will explore issues in the modeling and visualization of geotemporal information, presenting existing approaches and discussing new trends.


Adam Rabinowitz Asst Professor University of Texas

Adam Rabinowitz is Assistant Professor of Classics and Assistant Director of the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin. He holds a PhD (2004) from the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Michigan, where he wrote his dissertation on wine-drinking and cultural contact in the ancient Greek colonial world, and is a 2002 Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. He has more than twenty years of archaeological field experience at Greek, Roman, and Byzantine sites in Italy, England, Israel, Tunisia, and Ukraine. His particular interests include food and drink in antiquity, digital approaches to archaeology and teaching, culture contact, and the archaeology of daily life. His current projects include a book on ancient Greek drinking culture; GeoDia, an online, interactive spatial timeline of the ancient Mediterranean world; and the publication of recent excavations at the site of Chersonesos (Ukraine), which will involve an online, publicly available GIS-enabled database of primary documentation.

Ana Boa-Ventura Co-Founder media shots

Ana Boa-Ventura works in the digital humanities and in new media for social action as both an academic and, more recently, as an entrepreneur. As an academic, she works on time and space representations of a non Euro-centric vision of the Middle Ages with an international group of scholars. She also works with time/space representations in her work in digital storytelling (DST) for community empowerment in various contexts of research practice. She is a member of the EU Pestalozzi program, where her materials on MOJO (Mobile citizen journalism) are part of a collection of materials on media literacy & human rights. As an entrepreuner, she has recently co-founded a 3-women company - Media Shots - offering, in times of deep recession in Europe, services aimed at companies wanting to revamp/rethink their corporate marketing by integrating low-cost social media and strategic storytelling solutions. Ana has lectured - often as a guest speaker - on various topics of new media in Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and the US.

Irene Ros Visualization Research Developer IBM Research

Irene is a research developer and designer at the Visual Communication Lab at IBM Research's Center for Social Software. Irene explores ways to support users' social behaviors using visualization. Her recent interests focus on visual representations of time and how our narratives are best served by visualization. In her spare time, Irene paints, sings and enjoys good food.

Nicholas Rabinowitz

Nick Rabinowitz is a web developer and information management consultant with over 15 years of experience working on interactive projects for non-profit, academic, and UN organizations. He holds a Master's degree from the UC Berkeley School of Information, where he focused on applying data visualization, interaction design, and user research to the non-profit sector. He is the developer of timemap.js, an Open Source Javascript library for creating online maps and timelines that work together.

Ryan Shaw Asst Professor University of North Carolina

Ryan is an assistant professor in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research looks at how events might be used as conceptual structures for digitally organizing narrative information across different types of media, and how information systems might better support the expression of multiple perspectives on events and their relationships.


Saturday March 12



Austin Convention Center

Ballroom B

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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