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Core Conversation

Inclusive Mobility - Making Mobile Apps Accessible

That smartphone in our pocket has the power open up new worlds for people of all abilities in all environments. Whether you are visually impaired or just can't see or access the screen at the moment, turn on voice commands and your access is complete! Location services and navigation guide you in daily living or on great new adventures. Come find out what the state of accessibility is for the latest mobile devices. Learn how you can create mobile apps and mobile websites that are compelling AND usable by all audiences!


Becky Gibson Sr Technical Staff Member IBM

Becky Gibson is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM's Emerging Internet Technologies Group. Her current focus is contributing to the open source PhoneGap project to enable building compelling mobile applications using Web technologies. She continues to work on Web Accessibility and making the Web usable for all. Her goal is an inclusive mobile world with applications usable by all in any environment. Becky has over twenty years of development experience and has worked on various IBM projects as well as participation in the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.


Saturday March 12



Austin Convention Center

Room 8A

500 E Cesar Chavez St




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