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Refresh, Together: The Pepsi Refresh Project in 2011

In 2010, Pepsi launched the Pepsi Refresh Project, one of the year’s most successful marketing efforts and among the top 5 social media programs ever according to Forbes leading to millions of conversations online, hundreds of funded ideas and billions of media impressions. In this behind-the-scenes panel, learn about the strategy and execution of an effort that is transforming how brands create movements, engage more deeply with their consumers digitally and make a difference in the world. The panel will focus on the learnings from 2010 and the "dynamic refresh" of the project to make it even more digitally engaging, impactful and transformative in 2011 for consumers in America.‬


Andrew Katz Sr Mgr PepsiCo

Shiv Singh Mktg PepsiCo


Monday March 14



AT&T Conference Center

Grand Ballroom

1900 University Avenue

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