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Spotlight Premieres

Something Ventured

Director: Dan Geller, Dayna Goldfine


World Premiere |  Documentary Feature |  USA |  2011 |  HDCAM |  85 MIN


Apple. Intel. Genentech. Atari. Cisco. Behind these revolutionary technology companies are a handful of men who saw opportunity where others did not: these are the original venture capitalists. All were backing and building companies before the term 'venture capital' had been coined: companies that led to the birth of biotechnology, microprocessors, personal computers and the internet.
SOMETHING VENTURED uncovers the dramatic ups and downs of how these companies came to be, and the hidden dramas behind some of the most famous names in business.


Director: Dan Geller, Dayna Goldfine

Producer: Paul Holland, Molly Davis (Executive Producers), Dan Geller, Dayna Goldfine, Celeste Schaefer Snyder (Producers)

Cast: Po Bronson - Narrator, Tom Perkins, Arthur Rock, Don Valentine, Dick Kramlich, Nolan Bushnell, Gordon Moore, Jimmy Treybig, Herbert Boyer, Mike Markkula

Cinematographer: Dan Geller

Editor: Jen Bradwell, Gary Weimberg

Sound: Richard Beggs

Music: Laura Karpman

Director Bio


SOMETHING VENTURED is the 6th documentary produced and directed by the Emmy-award winning team of Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine. Their other films include Ballets Russes; NOW and THEN; KIDS OF SURVIVAL; FROSH; and ISADORA DUNCAN (1989).


Print Source

Name: Benjamin Crossley-Marra

Company: Zeitgeist Films


Phone: 212-274-1989

Address: 247 Centre Street

City: New York

State: NY

Zip: 10013


Screening Time

Friday March 18



Rollins Theatre

701 West Riverside Dr


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