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How to Die in Oregon

Director: Peter D. Richardson


Documentary Feature |  USA |  2010 |  HDCAM |  107 MIN


In 1994 Oregon became the first state in the U.S. to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Since the passage of Oregon's "Death with Dignity Act", more than 500 Oregonians have ended their life by taking a lethal dose of medication. 'How to Die in Oregon' tells the complex stories of terminally ill Oregonians, their families, doctors and friends, as they decide whether and when to end their life by lethal overdose.


Director: Peter D. Richardson

Producer: Peter D. Richardson

Cinematographer: Peter D. Richardson

Editor: Greg Snider, Peter D. Richardson

Sound: Lance Limbocker

Music: Max Richter

Director Bio


How to Die in Oregon is Peter Richardson’s second feature documentary. He began production in 2007 and is its director, producer, co-editor and cinematographer. Richardson also directed, produced, edited and co-photographed his debut feature, (“Clear Cut: The Story Of Philomath, Oregon”) which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006.


Print Source

Name: Peter Richardson

Company: Clearcut Productions


Phone: 503 208 6758

Address: 820 N. River Street Suite 201

City: Portland

State: OR

Zip: 97227


Screening Time

Friday March 18




9828 Great Hills Trail

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