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Narrative Competition

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

Director: Annie J. Howell, Lisa Robinson

World Premiere |  Narrative Feature |  USA |  2011 |  HDCAM |  73 MIN


Sarah Sparks is pregnant and feeling wholly ambivalent, despite her boyfriend’s pure enthusiasm. A committed tech-geek, she fears she is more interested in ultrasound technology than in what’s being ultra-sounded. When her sister lures her to L.A. for what ends up being a terrorizing baby shower, Sarah keeps her rental van and hits the road in search of the source of her anxiety: her estranged mother, now living off the grid. SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS takes a comic and poignant look at one woman’s coming-of-parenthood in the age of technology.


Director: Annie J. Howell, Lisa Robinson

Producer: Annie J. Howell, Lisa Robinson, Jennifer Dougherty

Cast: Anna Margaret Hollyman, André Holland, Mary Beth Peil, Sarah Rafferty, Susan Kelechi Watson

Screenwriter: Annie J. Howell, Lisa Robinson

Cinematographer: Charles Swanson

Editor: Jennifer Lee

Sound: Ian Stynes and Britt Myers

Music: Xander Duell

Director Bio


Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson are award-winning filmmakers who have screened short films at festivals from Cannes to SXSW to Telluride to Full Frame. Their successful Sundance Channel web series, SPARKS, was the impetus for SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS, their feature film debut.


Print Source

Name: Lisa Robinson

Company: Sacha Pictures


Phone: 917-853-4318

Address: 1 Washington Square Village #11C

City: New York

State: NY

Zip: 10012


Screening Time

Friday March 18



State Theatre

719 Congress Ave


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