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Phase 7 (Fase 7)

Director: Nicolas Goldbart

North American Premiere |  Narrative Feature |  ARGENTINA |  2010 |  35mm |  92 MIN


Coco (Daniel Hendler) just moved to his new apartment with 7 months pregnant wife Pipi (Jazmin Stuart), when their building is quarantined due to the outbreak of a deadly flu. Soon the neighbors become unexpected enemies and he is forced to join forces with the loony, but well prepared and stocked, Horacio (next door neighbor) to defend the contents of his fridge and keep his pregnant wife safe.
Meanwhile, outside the quarantined building, , the world as we knew it is disappearing. No wonder no one came when they dialed 833.


Director: Nicolas Goldbart

Producer: Sebastian Aloi

Cast: Daniel Hendler, Federico Luppi, Jazmin Stuart, Jose"Yayo" Guridi

Screenwriter: Nicolas Goldbart

Cinematographer: Lucio Bonelli

Editor: Pablo Barbieri, Nicolas Goldbart

Sound: Martin Grignaschi

Music: Guillermo Guareschi

Director Bio


Nicolas Goldbart, 1974, Buenos Aires, he studied Film at the University of Cinema. In his first ten years of career he becomes one of the best editor of his generation, with more than twenty features films to his credit. Phase 7 is his first film as director and screenwriter.


Sales Agent: M-Appeal

Print Source

Name: Sebastian Aloi


Phone: 3107601765

Address: 730 S.Plymouth Blvd.

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Zip: 90005


Screening Time

Friday March 18



Alamo Ritz 2

320 East 6th St

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