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Narrative Shorts 2

Animal Control

Director: Kire Paputts

U.S. Premiere |  Narrative Short |  CANADA |  2010 |  HDCAM |  16 MIN


Larry works for Animal Services. His job is picking up road kill along the highway; his hobby is taxidermy. Socially isolated, his home is his sanctuary and his only companions are the animals he’s stuffed. One night at work, Larry spots a dog, seemingly dead, just off the shoulder of the road. Lacking a dog in his menagerie, he is about to complete his collection when he discovers it is still alive. This arrival marks the beginning of a new relationship for Larry, as well as the realization that animals should be preserved before they are dead, rather than after.


Director: Kire Paputts

Producer: Kire Paputts, James Vandewater

Cast: Julian Richings, David Huband, Dekka

Screenwriter: Kire Paputts

Cinematographer: James Klopko

Editor: James Vandewater

Sound: Daniel Pellerin

Director Bio


Kire Paputts was born and raised in Toronto. Given the family camcorder at an early age, Kire held onto his fascination for visual storytelling and in 2007 graduated of Ryerson University's Film Program. Kire remains active in the world of independent/corporate video as a freelance director/editor.


Print Source

Name: Kire Paputts

Company: 506 Productions


Phone: (647) 209-9514

Address: 447 Rhodes Ave.

City: Toronto

State: Ontario

Zip: M4L3A6


Screening Time

Saturday March 12



Alamo Lamar A

1120 South Lamar Blvd


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