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Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul

Director: Orlando von Einsiedel

Documentary Short |  UK |  2010 |  ProRes Quicktime |  9 MIN


Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul is a beautiful and moving short film that follows the lives of two young skateboarders from Afghanistan who attend the Skateistan charity project. Juxtaposing the harsh reality of life in Kabul with the hopes and ambitions of the country’s children, the film is a touching ray of light from a country only ever in the news for all the wrong reasons.


Director: Orlando von Einsiedel

Producer: Orlando von Einsiedel, Louis Figgis

Cast: Fazilla, Murza, Wais, Sharna Nolan

Cinematographer: Franklin Dow

Editor: Peta Ridley

Sound: Patrick Johnson

Music: Patrick Johnson

Director Bio


Orlando von Einsiedel is an award winning London based documentary film maker. He has been praised by critics for his fearless film making and strong sense of the people and places he covers.


Distributor: Grain Media

Distributor Email:

Sales Agent: Orlando von Einsiedel

Print Source

Name: Orlando von Einsiedel

Company: Grain Media


Phone: +442086901010

Address: Unit 1 Gladiator Works, Gladiator St

City: London

State: London

Zip: SE23 1NA


Screening Time

Sunday March 13



Alamo Ritz 2

320 East 6th St


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