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Little Deaths

Director: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson, Simon Rumley


North American Premiere |  Narrative Feature |  UK-ENGLAND |  2010 |  HDCAM |  90 MIN


House and Home: A couple pose as religious do-gooders in order to lure homeless girls into perverted sex games. But after ensnaring their latest victim, the pair find the rules of the game have changed.

Mutant Tool: A recovering drug addict unwittingly stumbles upon a bizarre black market narcotics trade, in which mutated human semen is harvested for its powerful psychic effects. But supplies are running low...

Bitch: Claire and Pete are locked together in a destructively sadomasochistic relationship. But when Claire finally goes too far, her hitherto submissive partner decides to bring the bitch to heel for good.


Director: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson, Simon Rumley

Producer: Samantha Wright, Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson

Cast: Kate Braithewaite, Daniel Brocklebank, Brendan Gregory, Siubhan Harrison, Jodie Jameson, Luke de Lacey, Holly Lucas, Jason Maza, Tom Sawyer, and Christopher Fairbanks

Screenwriter: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson

Cinematographer: Milton Kam

Editor: Jennifer Sheridan, Rob Hall

Sound: Keith Tunney

Music: Richard Chester, Andrew Parkinson

Director Bio


Having met promoting their previous features, the directors joined forces for a new kind of genre anthology. Synthesizing the raw psychology of RED, WHITE & BLUE, the organic horror of I ZOMBIE, and the atmospheriaffirms their position at the forefront of independent UK horror.cs of LIE STILL, the result


Sales Agent: Imagination Worldwide

Print Source

Name: Wendy Wolverton

Company: Imagination Worldwide LLC


Phone: 310-888-3494

Address: 9107 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 625

City: Beverly Hills

State: California

Zip: 90210


Screening Time

Friday March 11



Alamo Lamar A

1120 South Lamar Blvd

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